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ProudDAF Edwin van Bussel

Edwin van Bussel

Proud of his DAF 33


“Many people salute me when they see or hear my DAF 33"


As a child I grew up opposite the DAF Special Products factory. Many years later I wanted to own a DAF. Initially, I was interested in a DAF 33 delivery van. When my wife pointed out to me that in the future no children would be able to come along in the car, I opted for the passenger version. After a long search, I found this DAF 33. It gets a lot of attention when I drive around in and around Eindhoven, the birthplace of DAF. Many people salute me when they see or hear the car. For repair and maintenance I can rely on my regular garage, of which the owner is a classic car enthusiast. And luckily there is a DAF parts warehouse nearby.

For my work, not at DAF by the way, I spend a lot of time abroad. As a resident of Eindhoven, it makes me proud to see so many new DAFs on the road in the countries I visit. Last year I stayed in Ivory Coast for a week. Almost all the trucks I saw were DAFs. Judging by the models, many of them were already several decades old.

My DAF from 1968 has a folding roof and drives great. At home I now have a 2-cylinder DAF, a 3-cylinder motorcycle and a 4-cylinder family car. My big wish is to be allowed to drive a 6-cylinder DAF truck.

Edwin van Bussel


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