Traffic Safety Zone


Learning by seeing and doing


Young visitors to the DAF Museum can learn to deal with various traffic situations in a playful way with the help of modern teaching aids and interactive media in the purpose-built DAF Traffic Safety Zone.

Various aspects of traffic knowledge and traffic safety are dealt with. There are, for example, video-films about the blind spots of trucks and buses, how to behave in traffic and the dangers of traffic. Besides, the young visitors can playfully test their knowledge of traffic rules on personal computers.
  • For who?
    The teaching programme is meant for primary school pupils (starting from 6th-formers) and for 1st-form secondary school pupils. The programma consists of a theoretical lesson, followed by a practical lesson, in which the pupils are asked to build a cross roads and a round-about. There is also an interactive lesson in which modern media are used. The programme takes about two hours and is supervised by traffic experts.

    Special wishes and points of particular interest can be included in the programme, always taking the age of the pupils into account. In this way specific traffic situations or circumstances, for example around the childrens' school, can be dealt with.

    After the lessons a short guided tour of the Museum can be arranged.

    The Brabant Traffic Safety Label

    Schools will be awarded extra points for the Brabant Traffic Safety Label by paying a visit to the DAF Traffic Safety Zone. Ask the traffic experts for further information.
  • Where and how?
    The lessons are given throughout the schoolyear, on working days from 10 o'clock a.m. till 5 o'clock p.m.

    Visits by appointment
    The times the lessons start and end can be arranged beforehand so that the visit will fit easily into the existing time-tables or can be planned as an extracurricular activity.

    The DAF Traffic Safety Foundation
    Due to the subsidy given by the DAF Traffic Safety Foundation, the costs of a lesson come to only € 60, for groups of up to 45 pupils and 3 accompanying adults.

    For further information or to make appointments, contact:

    Mrs A.Selsig
    Traffic expert and instructor
    Telephone number +31 6 28205578, or the DAF Museum.