Economy and sustainability


Ever smarter transport

Road transport covers almost 75 percent of all transport of goods in Europe. This means that daily some 85 kg of goods is transported by truck for every European.

In other words: all those trucks on the roads are indispensable. We wouldn’t do without them, because modern trucks feature high payloads, low costs per kilometre, a long service life and a high reliability. In the past 20 years truck technology has improved tremendously. The total emission of noxious matter of twenty today’s trucks is lower than that of one truck from 1990.


But there are still plenty of challenges. How can the fuel consumption be reduced even further? How can a truck - in terms of cab, cargo-space and number of axles - be composed even smarter? Which technologies can be developed to reduce traffic jams and the number of accidents? You will find out by yourself in theTrucknasium!