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An interactive educational programme surrounding mobility, sustainability and safety, for second and third class VMBO-t, HAVO and VWO (Lower Vocational education, Senior General Secondary education, Pre-university education). The Trucknasium is an initiative of the Friends of the DAF Museum.

A fascinating do-and-discover-it-yourself programme that is prepared at school, but primarily takes place in the fascinating DAF Museum in Eindhoven.

… start with setting out your future!


  • Young adults and Technology

    Trucknasium inschrijvenYoung adults and Technology - Stimulating Technology. 
    If we want to challenge young people to look for a future in technology, we will have to bring them into contact with it at an early stage.

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  • Economy and sustainability

    Trucknasium steeds slimmer vervoerEconomy and sustainability: Trucknasium teaches students everything about the ever smarter transportation of goods.

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  • Educational programme

    TrucknasiumThe Trucknasium offers second and third class VMBO-t, HAVO and VWO level students a fascinating, contextual teaching programme surrounding mobility, sustainability and safety.

  • Contact Trucknasium

    Trucknasium welkom in het trucknasiumWould you like more information about the Trucknasium and the programme we have to offer your students?

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