From blacksmith's shop to large company

In 1928 A.H.Huenges, owner of "De Valk" brewery, made a workshop available to the Van Doorne brothers, Hub and Wim. This workshop was located next to the brewery at number 27 Tongelresestraat in Eindhoven.

At first the "C.V. Hub van Doorne machine en reparatie inrichting" (machine and repair shop, limited partnership) turned out simple engineering products, in fact their workshop was an oversized blacksmith's shop. This workshop, which has been completely restored, is in itself worth a visit to the DAF Museum as it is fascinating to see what tools were used in the old days, apart from the smith's fire.

In 1932 the company's name was changed into "Van Doorne's Aanhangwagenfabriek" (trailer factory), DAF for short. The production of trailers and semi-trailers was a success, not in the least because of the legendary 'featherweight' semi-trailer and the automatic fifth-wheel coupling that came with it.

Historical Room

DAF History

History comes to life in the Historical Room. A historical survey of DAF's colourful history is presented in an attractive room on the first floor of the museum.

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More than 85 years of DAF history

DAF History

DAF’s roots go back to 1928 when the brothers Van Doorne laid the foundation for what currently is the fastest growing truck manufacturer in Europe.

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