Historical Room

History comes to life in the Historical Room

A historical survey of DAF's colourful history is presented in an attractive room on the first floor of the museum. Here the curator and boardmember of the DAF Museum Friends Foundation, Mr Hans Staals, presents a permanent visualisation of the company's history.

The room is equipped with ten screens and each screen brings a period of ten years back to life in words and images. "Meanwhile we've got as far as 1980. We selected the most decisive moments in the first fifty years of DAF's history. We expect to get as far as 2000 early next year."

"That will do for the time being," says Mr Staals, who points out that he is generously supported by the archive volunteers to realise this project. "Eventually three screens will be left which we are going to use for our vision of transport in the future. They will deal with the question of what we will need and how we are going to produce it. A sort of prediction of the future."

"Each screen is part of a collage of images, typical for world history in the decade that is dealt with. We used all sorts of archives. To get a good idea of what happened at and around DAF we consulted vast quantities of papers, DAF-bodes (company paper), reports, brochures, leaflets, drawings and vehicle specifications. It goes without saying that a great deal of the historical material had to be freshened up.

Photos had to be restored, drawings had to be repaired with the help of computers. Subsequently everything was digitalized. The resulting images alternate with short text presentations," says a proud Mr Staals. "The Historical Room is quite an asset for the DAF Museum. Visitors who want to watch the DAF story can effortlessly spend an hour here to let all the images sink in." 

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